Building of the Month - January 2016
Every month we will be looking at a new building for inspiration; for January we will be taking a look at 2015's RIBA house of the year.

Architect: Skene Catling de la Pena
Client: Private
Contractor: Kingerlee Ltd
Cost: Confidential
Location: Buckinghamshire

Awards:       RIBA House of the year 2015
                  RIBA National Award 2015
                  RIBA South Award 2015
                  RIBA South Building of the year 2015

The narative for the project was the justaposition of man and nature, for man we have the plowed fields and sculpted landscapes swathed into a working environment as the back drop for the hard and unmoving slice of Flint stone breaking through the landscape. Ironic.

The house is clad in heavy weight stone which steps out of the ground as the building grows along the landscape.

Designed to accomodate friends family and a passion for art and artistry, the internal spaces carefully frame the landscape and provide a rich sequence of experiences as you pass through the building.