Building of the Month - May 2016
Every month we will be looking at a new building for inspiration; for May we will be taking a look at Frank Lloyd Wrights Falling Water.

Architect: Frank Lloyd Wright
Client: Edgar J. Kaufmann
Cost: $155,000 (in 1939)
Location: Pennsylvania

Located at Bear Run a rural area of Mill Run, Pennsylvania, approximately 50 miles South West of Pittsburgh. The building was designed in 1935, with the main house completed in 1938 and the guest house completed in 1939. The main house is 5,330sq ft, or 495 sqm this compared to a typical British home (96sqm) is a positive mansion by comparison.

Now a tourist attraction, Falling water was a weekend house for Edgar Kaufmann, owner of Kaufmann's Department Store in Pittsburgh. The buiding saw a complete restoration in the 90's and was opened to the public.

Hailed as a building masterpiece for both its dynamic design and intergration into its surroundings the building has been recognised as a must see for all students of architecture.