It the age old problem, you have a house you love, you know way around and you feel at home, BUT..

You family is growing, the house feels run down, you need more space, you need an office, you need a bigger kitchen! We have all been there.

The first instinct is you need to move. Now I am not pessimistic but to get a mortgage you're happy with; a house that does everything you need in an area you like; and then selling your own home can sometimes feel like trying to make all the planets align; according to, ask an astronomer, this last occurred in 500BC and will next occur in 2850AD!; so what's the alternative? It's to improve.

Creating space within your existing property doesn't have to be expensive and if done correctly can help reduce you mortgage by increasing your property value and improving your LTV ratio (Loan to Value).

Extensions can be simple, cheap or extravagant, that is where an architect can help you by advising you on the best course of action. It could be the conversion of that garage, a kitchen lean to extension to create family space, or it could be a dormer extension in that dusty old attic.

Costs will vary but its all down to what you need and what your home can achieve.

Next month I will be talking about converting that loft into a useable addition to your home. Something to think about; in most cases what space you have on your top floor (2 beds, a bathroom maybe a study) can nearly be achieved in your loft with a dormer extension. For more before then, please don't hesitate to give me a call and discuss your project further.